"Frozen on 5th Avenue" Original Sold

"Frozen on 5th Avenue" Original Sold

Nicole Batt Illustration
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Size: 36"x48" (39"x51" in Frame)

Framed: Yes, Black Canvas Frame Included with Purchase

Original Mixed Media Piece on 1.5" Canvas

Nicole carefully created this mixed media piece with layers of Ink, Gels, Pastes, & Glitter. Specialized Craft Paper was also used.

Be sure to zoom in on photo to see molded Background Detail.


"She sat there very sick amid December alone with her thoughts thinking about a place she used to know. It was a memory that felt sort of estranged to her now for she was far from the person that used to roam Manhattan’s glossy streets. Building skyscrapers in her mind, the girl envisioned herself running across the icy pavements of 5th Avenue with jingling change in her pocket and friends carrying purses full of hidden gemstones and ideas worth of luxury. But it was all too much for the ailed girl. For she sat feeling alone in silent whispers and distanced laughter gently coaxing herself to escape and fall asleep. And every time she did the girl woke up being reminded of something in this world she did not want to see. Her new dense, cold, and harsh reality.

But the girl did not give up. She fought for weeks and weeks, years on years, and then one day, a magical moment happened. A warmth came over her entire body and an unexpected magic melted the coldness that lingered into the ruins of her heart. She was able to feel again and breath the air that was locked into the hidden chambers inside her lungs. But there was something else that mattered more to the girl. She was able to escape the old memories that haunted her mind and actually visit the place she never thought she would be again. The girl was finally able to return to the icy paved streets.

When she stepped foot onto the Avenue for the first time, the young woman, now, felt the coolness of a gentle powder. It swept out of nowhere as it rubbed against her blushed cheeks and cascaded onto the ground in a pearly white goodness. It chilled her with glittering tones, gemstones, and a jingling of past memories, and as she looked up towards the white sky the skyscrapers frosted over with translucent icicles dripping in the same twinkling patterns as the sparkles on the street. The young woman stood there marveling at the winter spectacle, and that’s when she realized that it was everything and more that she envisioned returning to 5th avenue would be. A snapshot of a memory. A déjà vu from her past and former life. And a moment of simply being lost and frozen in time."