Art Workshops

Looking for a creative and fun art experience for the members of your community/office? Or maybe you want to unlock your imagination with friends and family while hosting a special event?

Nicole Batt Illustration offers the most UNIQUE painting adventure. 

Unlike any other art program, Nicole Batt Illustration will unleash your creativity beyond painting the same old art scenes and trees. In Nicole’s workshop, you will step into a world of glitter & iridescence as you learn to navigate through splattering colors!

What type of art will we create?

Please visit the Project Gallery for past pieces created at events! Nicole Batt Illustration is open for painting requests. 

What is the minimum number of artists?

Prices are based upon a minimum of 10 artists. If you have a request for a workshop under 10, please contact Nicole directly for further assistance (see contact page).

What does the cost cover?

  1. All high quality supplies: Canvases, brushes, paint, embellishments, stencils, tablecloths, paper towels, cups, palette plates, and more!

  2. Personalized & friendly step by step instruction: 1 – 1.5 hours

  3. Set-up: Nicole arrives about 1 hour early for set up.

  4. Clean-up: All environments will be cared for & well respected. 

  5. Project preparation: Nicole will prepare & set up all materials prior to event date.

What is the process?

Nicole paints step by step. She also provides personalized and individualized guidance in between each instruction.

Can anyone take this workshop?

YES! All projects are carefully designed for the specific needs of each group.

*As per Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Senior Living Communities, all canvases are pre-prepared with stenciled outlines (as needed). Each project is thoroughly thought out, executed, & planned.

Nicole has experience teaching groups with memory impairment.

Who teaches the workshop?

All workshops are taught by Nicole. She enjoys getting to know each individual, making the most of their creative adventure.

What is the cost? *Supplies are included.

Residents Only- Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Communities (group rate):
  • $ 250 for 20 painters
Residents & Family/Friends Painting Event at Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Communities (group rate):
  • $ 250 for 20 painters (same as above) 
If you have a bigger or smaller group, please see the contact page to directly contact Nicole Batt Illustration for more information. You may also email Nicole at or reach her directly at (516)993-9704. 
Corporate Events & Special Occasions:
  • $25 per painter

Nicole is more than happy to work with your budget requirements!  

Ready to book? Email/Call/Text Nicole today!

How can I schedule a workshop?

Thank you for your interest!

Please see the contact page to directly contact Nicole Batt Illustration for availability. You may also email Nicole at or reach her directly at (516)993-9704.