Group & Private Art Lessons

What does Nicole have experience teaching?

  • Painting (Acrylic)  

  • Drawing

  • Cartooning (Anime, Disney Style, Comic Book, & more!) 

  • Fashion Illustration 

  • Ink Art
  • Mixed Media Art 

  • Architectural Drawing 

  • Digital Art

  • How to Use Acrylic Mediums (Gels, Modeling Paste, Glitter, Crystals, etc.)

  • & More! 

Does Nicole teach group art lessons?


How does this work?

Each artist will work on their own individual project, and Nicole will provide personalized instruction.

How much do group lessons cost? *Supplies are not included.

$25 per person with a sign up of 10 artists & under.

$20 per person with a sign up of over 10 artists.           

Does Nicole teach private art lessons?

Please contact Nicole if interested in private art lessons.

How can I schedule a lesson?

Thank you for your interest!

Please see the contact page to directly contact Nicole Batt Illustration for availability. You may also email Nicole at or reach her directly at (516)993-9704.